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Profile & Pictures

Age: 15

Hometown: Allentown, PA

Guitars of Choice: Gibson Epiphone

Influences: Dashboard Confessional, Bob Dylan, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, hristie Front Drive, and Elliott Smith.

Favorite Artists: Dashboard Confessional, Bob Dylan, Phish, Jets to Brazil, Ben Kweller, Hot Rod Circuit, Jack Johnson, Sublime, A Tribe Called Quest, Jurassic 5 and there's so much more, you can't limit you musical tastes to just a few artists.

Favorite Songs: "Saints and Sailors" by Dashboard Confessional, "Tangled Up in Blue" by Bob Dylan, "Imagine" by John Lennon, "About Two Days" by Christie Front Drive, "Rose Parade" by Elliott Smith, and that's just a few.

Favorite Albums: Bob Dylan "Blonde on Blonde", Everclear "Sparkle and Fade", Dashboard Confessional "The Places You've Come to Fear the Most", Jets to Brazil "Orange Rhyming Dictionary", and Taking Back Sunday "Tell All Your Friends"

Favorite Films (this has nothing to do with my music, but I'm an obsessive film fan/critic): The Godfather, Fight Club, The Usual Suspects, Reservoir Dogs, and Memento

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