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Thanks to:

My family - for the obvious stuff.

Jackie - for being my best friend, muse, and everything else in my life since I've known you.

Lauren- - for being my best friend as well, for being the one person I can talk to till 3 in the morning, and not wanna hang up with.

Mo - for being my best friend and sister.

Em - for being my muse, my everything, and all that fun stuff.

Sean - for being my twin.

Conner - for being my hetero-life-partner, and collaborator.

Alex S. & Alex B. & Ev & Joel & Amanda & Taylor & Emily & Mer & everyone else - for everything you've done for me.

Scott - for doing all the technical stuff i could never do.

Trey Anastasio, Chris Carabba, Bob Dylan, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Bradley Nowell, and Blake Schwarzenbach, and Elliott Smit - for all their influence on my music, and for blessing the world with theirs.

Joey Mutis - for teaching me how to play. and last but not least:

Makes No Sense, Close-Minded, and No Signal - for proving that local music is as good as it gets.